SOG Hog :) GOV-TAC Fixed Blade

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My latest addiction are knives.  The Dark Knight introduced me to the knife world and I have been obsessed with it ever since.  I have learned to love the quality and effectiveness of a knife, whether it be a fixed blade or a folder.

I have been looking for a fixed blade knife that would serve several purposes.  It’s easy to become over burdoned with the type of knife…one that’s for defense, one that makes a better utility tool, one that just looks good, etc.  The SOG GOV-TAC seems to be a good compromise, especially for the price!

The knife, itself, is weighted nicely.  I really like the Kraton grip and feel like I have a good hold of the knife.  It also came out of the box real sharp and there has been no need to sharpen it, yet.  I haven’t had a chance to cut too many things yet, but I will let you know how the blade holds up.  The customer service of SOG is also something to talk about.  I have been reading on the forums about SOG’s customer service and have seen some really great results.  The knife also has a lifetime warranty which goes a long way, of course.

The blade is stainless steel and the material is AUS8.  I did some research on the material and from what I’ve read, there have been some great reviews and customers have been really happy with the material.

Be advised, it comes with a really spiffy Kydex sheath, however it is finicky and a little tight.  It has loosened a bit since I’ve been playing with it, but it definitely is sticky at first.

I wouldn’t advise paying full price for this knife since you can find it on sale in a lot of locations.  You can also find one pretty easily on a lot of blade forums, buy buyer beware, the forums are addicting and get expensive real fast!

Here are the specs for the knife:

Blade length: 6.1” x .2”

Overall length: 11.4”

Weight: 9.6 oz

Edge: Straight

HRC: 57-58

Handle: Kraton

Price: Retail $150, can be found in other locations for $65-$90

Happy Hunting!



Galco Concealed Carry Holster

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I thought I would write about my favorite concealed carry holster since I use it every single day.  I am currently using Galco’s UDC (Ultra Deep Cover) holster and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been using this holster, daily, for the last year and a half for my Glock 26 and it was great straight out of the package.

This holster is durable and efficient.  I love that I can draw quickly from a concealed position.  Equally as important, I can reholster with one hand since the the holster mouth is reinforced and the holster stays open while the gun is unholstered. The holster is comfortable against my skin and never caused any irritations.  The cool J-hook clip allows one to wear his/her shirt tucked in as well, still providing great concealment.  I didn’t even have to get my pants in a larger size (like most in the pant holsters).

As a female, I’m often wearing tighter fighting jeans and tight fitting tanktops.  Even with my clothing style, I can easily conceal my Glock 26 with the use of this holster.  I would recommend this holster to anyone who wants to carry concealed, especially for its bang for its buck.  Be aware though, don’t be confused with the lesser expensive version like the Stow-N-Go Inside the Pant or the Tuck-N-Go Inside the Pant.  I don’t feel like the durability compares to the UDC or the swiftness of unholstering and reholstering.  Take my word for it and give it a try!

Ultra Deep Cover

UDC Side View

Additional info:

Price: $60-$80

Fits 1.25″ Belts

A Light with a Dual Purpose

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Surefire E2D LED Defender

I love a multi-purpose tool such as my Surefire E2D LED Defender.  I carry my flashlight in my support hand, leaving my gun hand free.  I keep in mind the fact that my support hand, does not naturally have the strength of grip that my gun hand has.  This flashlight is great because the aluminum casing comes checkered for extra grip.  The flashlight is also pretty thin with a bezel diameter of only 1” for small hands like mine.  Another great aspect of the smaller size is the fact that it’s easy to shoot and hold the flashlight at the same time.  This is particularly useful for people like me who don’t have a tac-light on their handguns.

Normally I like to tuck my flashlight under my left armpit as I deal write tickets, and believe it or not, this little flashlight fits comfortably there providing me light as I write my citations or search a suspect.  The removable spring steel clip is attached to it and prevents the flashlight from falling out of your pocket.  This is key because everyone knows how much of a bummer it is to lose a flashlight.

The striking surface of the bezel is efficient and both ends can be used as a striking surface.  Obviously, any flashlight (or metal object for that matter) can be used as a self-defense mechanism.  However the E2D Defender is clearly a great defense tool due to the intensity of the bezel.  Both ends of the flashlight can be used for striking, which is another beautiful feature.  Not to mention if you strike the subject with the bezel end, you’ll also be blinding him/her with 200 lumens as well.  It’s a beautiful thing!


1" Bezel

The switch is on the tail cap and with a slight squeeze it will provide you temporary illumination.  You can depress it once with a click and you will have a full beam of light at 200 lumens, or press it again to turn it off and click again for a lower beam at 5 lumens.  I love that fact that it is dual-output.

The beam is bright and powerful.  I’m not crazy about the fact that it takes 2 lithium batteries (123A) so I’m always careful to have extra batteries with me.  Unfortunately, those lithium batteries get a little expensive, however the good news is that the run time on the flashlight is pretty good considering how bright it is.  Also be careful, the end of the light does get pretty hot so if it turns on while in your pocket or bag, it could burn a hole through the fabric.

All around, I love this flashlight as it’s easy to carry around and fits just about anywhere.  It’s durable and serves a dual-purpose.  Something compact and versatile like this flashlight is exactly what I want in my go bag.

Here’s some additional information for you :

Length: 4.9″ (Newer models, mine shown above is a few years old and measures 5.5″)
Diameter at the bezel: 1”
Weight with Batteries: 3.2 ounces
Case Material: Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum
Bulb Type: Xenon Assembly
Beam Type: Spot
Battery Life: 60-75 min
Warranty: No Hassle for the lifetime of the original owner.
Cost: $105-$110

Countless times while in the field, I have wished that I had a Drug Identification Bible with me to identify prescription medications.  On one particular arrest, I seized over 3,000 pills of over 300 different varieties (it took over 6 hours with four officers to book the pills into evidence).  I called poison control and after the 7th request, the technician said that I would have to send a request via fax for the other 273 types of pills.  I didn’t have my computer on hand to look up the tools online, either.  What I wouldn’t give to have something on my cell phone that could identify the pills for me.

And then the Dark Knight alerted me to Epocrates Rx.  For anyone with a Smartphone such as an Iphone or a phone that operates on the Android system (1.6 and above), you can download the Epocrates application.  It has been really helpful thus far.  All you have to do is locate the application in the “Market” of your smartphone.

Screen shot on Android

Epocrates Rx was developed by health care professionals, and therefore,  the information is reliable and accurate.  The application provides a quick access to thousands of prescription drugs for identification purposes.  All you have to do is describe the pill, whether by shape, color and/or imprint.  The application will even tell you drug reactions, side effects, retail value out -of-pocket, and manufacturing information including DEA/FDA status.  It will even tell you OTC drugs if you’re unsure whether it is a prescription-only pill.

Screen shot of pill identifier on Android

At first I had a little bit of trouble installing the application and it seemed a little quirky.  It took a few tries to get the application installed, but once over this hurdle, it worked smoothly.

The best part of this application is that it’s FREE!  It’s nice to have a drug identification system right at your fingertips.  In addition, it not only identifies the drug for you including a photo, it also lets you know what schedule the drug is so that you can charge appropriately.  Very useful!

If you have any questions as to how to download the application for your phone, don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’d love to help you out.

Good luck!

CRKT Minimalist Knife

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CRKT Unsheathed

I was pretty lucky this Christmas.  Stefhan, AKA the Dark Knight, AKA the Cage, AKA Benwa, AKA my partner in crime, gifted me this fantastic knife.  I had just told him how I lost my EDC CRKT folding knife and was so happy that he replaced it with the CRKT Minimalist knife.

I am so thrilled with this little tool already.  It’s only about 5 inches in length total, with a 2 inch blade.  The blade is a Wharncliffe (thank you Dark Knight) and comes with a fob lanyard on the end of the handle.  The knife fits perfectly in my hand, whether you have small hands or large hands, when you grasp the handle there is no chance of losing control of it.  The grooves are one of my favorite aspects of the knife.

I love the fact that it comes with a sheath and a lanyard.  The sheath is kydex and is incredibly durable.  The knife clicks beautifully into place and also releases with ease from the sheath, but definitely won’t ever fall out on its own.  The lanyard is perfect to wear around your neck or in your pocket.  The versatility makes this knife even more fanastic.

With sheath

One should take note, however, that the knife didn’t come incredibly sharp straight out of the box.  The Dark Knight snagged it from me momentarily to sharpen it to perfection.  You may want to sharpen it prior to carrying it.

I highly recommend this knife as a utility tool, especially for its bang for its buck!

Jumbo Versipack LEO

Here I present one of my all-time favorite items that I really couldn’t live without: Maxpedition’s Jumbo Versipack (LEO version and EDC – Every Day Carry).  First, I’ll say that I am a fan of all of Maxpedition’s products.  The lifetime warranty on their products says it all!

Regarding the Versipacks, I have owned both the LEO and the EDC and both have their attributes.  Currently, I am using the LEO model.  The most recent LEO Versipack is a lighter nylon, which

is really great.  The pouch in the front even has elastic retention straps to hold magazines of just about any size.  I absolutely love this feature.  The cell phone carrier on the shoulder strap is really great.  It’s even made of a soft cotton on the inside so it won’t scratch your phone.  It fits the old school flip phones as well as my larger, Motorolla Droid.  At first glance, it didn’t look like my phone would fit, but sure enough it did!

Jumbo Versipack EDC

I do miss the EDC a little bit.  I like the fact that it had the velcro on the top pouch, where sunglasses, OC Spray, or a small flashlight would fit.  The LEO version also has a handle on the top pouch, which I craved when I carried the EDC.  I was so grateful when Maxpedition added this feature.  I found the hoop straps in the front of both bags to be convenient for attaching my badge there at times.  I couldn’t quite hide my radio as easily in the side pouch of the EDC as I could in the LEO version, but it did make a much better spot for my water bottle.

Most importantly, both bags have an awesome zippered concealment compartment for your CCW.  And if you’re concerned about getting to your gun on your waist if you’re right handed, you can purchase the S-type model which places the bag on your left side and is the exact mirrored image of the regular model.

I really don’t know what I would do without this bag.  It’s the perfect size and there’s a place for everything.  The coolest part about these Maxpedition bags (and all Maxpedition bags for that matter) is that you can customize it with additional accessories to individualize it to your needs.  What could be better?

As for expense, websites like are always having sales.  I saw that it was on sale for only $59 (down from $89) during the Christmas holiday.  It even came with a few extras for that fantastic price.

Call me crazy, but it’s one of my favorite pieces of gear!

Welcome to Code6Charli!

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Thanks for your interest in Code6Charli, your information source for police related gear! I am excited to present to you my favorite gear and provide detailed reviews and videos to answer all your questions. I look forward to your input and comments because your participation is what truly makes this website successful!

Thanks and be safe out there!

Code6Charli, signing off!