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FREE Number Guru Application

Posted: 31st January 2012 by admin in Applications & Programs

Cell phones have drastically changed the way criminals do business and detectives conduct investigations.  Tracfones are especially a thorn in our side and have really helped criminals evade law enforcement.  From my experience, Smartphones (such as Droids and Iphones), are becoming more and more prevalent.  Phonebooks are also obsolete nowadays which also prevents gaining intel.  [...]

We all know that cops are underpaid.  We usually fall in the same category as firefighters and teachers, who deserve to be compensated for the hard work that is put into a daily work day.  Add the risk factors and possibility of being shot at and most citizens would say, “you couldn’t pay me enough.”  [...]

Countless times while in the field, I have wished that I had a Drug Identification Bible with me to identify prescription medications.  On one particular arrest, I seized over 3,000 pills of over 300 different varieties (it took over 6 hours with four officers to book the pills into evidence).  I called poison control and [...]