About C6C

By admin

I love gear and, more often than not, it’s hard for me to choose between two of my favorite items…I’d hate for one flashlight to feel left out over another.  I have an item of gear for every little task that I need to conquer, often leaving my go-bag over flowing with tools and trinkets, making my “go-bag” more of a “slow, not-so-go, bag”. I am always thrilled when I find a single tool that serves multiple purposes. The intent of this blog is to collectively discuss with followers the best, most durable, and cost-efficient tools to make a “go bag”, a real “go bag”.

This blog’s mission is to provide helpful insight and opinions for current police gear on the market.  It’s written by an LEO, for LEO’s, with the goal in mind that this blog will make you more efficient in the field, whether as patrol, detective or an undercover.

Most importantly, I hope this blog will make you safer and provide you more than just the tools on your duty belt.

Be safe out there,