About Charli

By admin

My name is Charli and I’m a female LEO (Law Enforcement Officer…or put even more simply, I’m a cop).

Like many of my colleagues throughout the country, I have a passion for GEAR! After all, as an LEO our lives depend on much of this gear on a daily basis.

Prior to investing my hard-earned cash on any new piece of gear, I like to research it through forums and blogs, such as this one, to get opinions regarding its effectiveness.  If you’re an LEO, you’re equally qualified, which is why I hope you will assist by posting your opinions so that all of us can make better-informed decisions.

This is a new site and a work in progress, so tell your friends and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.  It was also suggested to me to provide my sizes which I have listed below:

Height: 5’8″

Weight:  Fluctuates between 136 – 146.  Currently 139 lbs

Size 8

Bra Size: 34-36 D

Waist: 29 in

Inseam: 30 in

Outseam: 39 in

Be safe. Have fun. Happy gear hunting.


  1. Allison Ryder says:

    Thanks for your ‘stats’, Charli. I’m sure it’ll help other girls when trying to outfit themselves.