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Posted: 31st January 2012 by admin in Applications & Programs

Cell phones have drastically changed the way criminals do business and detectives conduct investigations.  Tracfones are especially a thorn in our side and have really helped criminals evade law enforcement.  From my experience, Smartphones (such as Droids and Iphones), are becoming more and more prevalent.  Phonebooks are also obsolete nowadays which also prevents gaining intel.  Reverse phone number look-ups are next to impossible without paying for some phony online service that may not even pan out.  But now, there’s an application for Smartphones called Number Guru which can be downloaded for FREE.  If you’re not into downloading applications, you can still use the program at  The program is a reverse phone number look up tool.

Number Guru, when it works, is highly useful and informative.  It is, however, hit or miss.  In theory, an investigator can type in a phone number and within seconds, a name, city and phone company can be attributed to it.  I have tried several phone numbers which have not worked, however.  This is possibly because the phone number is attached to a Tracfone, the Achilles Heel of law enforcement.

When it does work, however, the application is a God sent.  It has certainly helped in identifying players in the crime.  I wish I could say it worked 100% of the time.  I do believe the application is worth downloading, if it even helps you find the name of one suspect your looking for, then I feel it was worth while, especially at the cost of $0.00.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!




  1. Wolf 2 says:

    I have to say this application is quite amazing. I have used it a few times with the help of a co worker who suggested the app and it has been well worth it. Like Code 6 Charli mentioned sometimes it does not pan out but something is always better than nothing especially when it comes to any investigating. So a shout out to her and the person who located it for her and me, thanks friends! I suggest anyone looking at a phone number who needs a little extra information to give it a try. Good luck!

    Wolf 2