When I first hired on, one of my biggest concerns was getting a puncture from an uncapped needle and having to suffer the agonizing months thereafter for medical tests.  Myself and several colleagues went to the nearest police uniform store and each bought a pair of the Hatch Puncture-Resistant Gloves.  Sadly, I was rather disappointed and thought the gloves themselves were actually more dangerous, than helpful.










First, as one would expect for a puncture proof glove, the fingertips are reinforced for extra protection.  This makes it incredibly difficult to determine what items are weapons, and which items are not, during a Terry Frisk.  My personal opinion is that while I’m squeezing the outside of a pocket, I prefer to have an idea of what the item is before putting my hand in the pocket to retrieve the item.  I don’t like surprises when I’m searching a suspect and prefer to gain as much knowledge as possible prior to putting my hand in dark places that I cannot see.

Second, it has taken an incredibly long time to break these gloves in.  In fact, they never have broken in.  Ideally, I want a glove that is comfortable the second I put it on.  No matter how much I wear the glove and put a little wear and tear on it, the glove is still stiff.   There really is truth to the expression, “Liiiike a glove!”

Third, the gloves serve no protection against the elements.  During the winter months or rainy weather, I mind as well have no gloves at all.  The extra protection around the fingertips seemed to actually trap the cold air inside.  Not only could I not feel items in a suspects pocket, but additionally, my fingertips were numb.  In the event I had to shoot a firearm with the reinforced fingertips AND the freezing cold on top of that, the suspect wouldn’t have much to fear.

Fourth, they are simply uncomfortable with seams in all the wrong places.  This glove feels so far from natural, that I actually felt safer bare handed.  After all, this is only my opinion, but for $44.99 a pair, I would prefer to save my money.  If anyone wants a pair, be the first to write me and I’ll send them to you for free!  Actually, on second thought, I wouldn’t want you wearing such a dangerous pair of gloves…I think they’ll go in the recycle bin.

Please share your comments on these gloves if you have a pair, I could use a little enlightening!


Be safe!


  1. Jim Bishop says:

    Ya know.. this is too bad. Hatch usually makes dependable stuff. I’ve been a fan of their gloves for years. I have yet to find a good quality pair of puncture proof gloves though. I don’t think they exist.