Thumbs Up for Under Armour Search Gloves!

Posted: 17th March 2011 by admin in Gloves
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When I first hired on the department, I went out and purchased some Hatch ArmorTip Puncture Resistant gloves.  Like any officers in the field, the threat of being stuck by a needle is one of the scariest thoughts out there.  After finally finding a small enough pair to fit my hands, I realized that the trait of being puncture resistant actually proved to be more dangerous than a thinner pair of gloves that weren’t puncture resistant.  During searches, I found it incredibly difficult to get into pockets and once in the pocket (or from the outside of the pocket), I couldn’t detect whether something was a chap stick tube or a crack pipe, a money clip or a folding knife.  The gloves were just too bulky and tactility went out the window.  Aside from the fact that searching became dangerous, I couldn’t even imagine trying to shoot with the gloves if the situation arose.

When I first hired on, my Field Training Officer (FTO) at the time recommended to me batting gloves.  I found the Under Armour Youth Clean-Up III Batting Glove.  I purchased a size YLG (Youth Large) and in the color black.  The gloves work great for conducting searches and are very easy to shoot with.  In fact, they are intended as batting gloves and provide a great grip on a bat.  I find the grip just as suitable for my firearm.  They are thin enough to feel items during searches and I’m able to ascertain what the object actually is.  In terms of protection from needle punctures, they don’t provide protection at all. 

They are also porous on the palm side which means protection is compromised in instances of blood or bodily fluids.  They also aren’t warm at all during the winter, so I would recommend them for the warmer seasons only.

These gloves are also incredibly easy to get on and off.  They hug the fingers comfortably and are tight-fitting, however not so tight-fighting that you have to use your teeth to pull them off (that’s just gross after dealing with transients).  They have a velcro strap along the wrist to secure them in place.  The palm is two-piece genuine leather which adds to the glove’s durability.  I do find I have to replace them twice a year due to wear and tear.  There really is no break-in period since they are comfortable right away.  They have also never shrunk due to rain or weather conditions.   They are cost efficient running at about $14.99 at most sporting goods places.  On average, I spend $30 a year on these gloves.

Also, after dealing with transients, they are easy to clean.  I normally just throw some hand sanitizer in the palms and rub them together to at least give me the sense that they are clean.  The sanitizer stiffens the glove up a bit, but nothing uncomfortable to deal with.

Overall, I think this glove is a great all purpose glove.  I find that being able to shoot with a glove that still provides a level of protection is what’s most important to me.  For the price, if one falls out of your back pocket (which they inevitably do), it doesn’t hurt the bank too much to buy another pair.

Best of luck!


  1. Sarah Mullen says:

    I also have a pair of these gloves and agree with Ms. Charli that they are excellent for small hands. I wish they were more resistant against needles, etc, but I would rather search someone and be able to tell if they have a weapon over everything else.

    I also agree that the more durable brand gloves especially for small hands pretty much make things harder and at times I would rather no gloves than big thick honking gloves that get in the way of a search, not to mention shooting. Regardless I have to say that over the last 4 years I have tried probablly 10 pairs of gloves because of disliking them or of coarse loosing them. All in all, I love the batting gloves and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. Best of all if I loose a pair they are cheap to replace. Bri Yi Woop.