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Posted: 14th February 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

Thanks to the darkknight, he gave me some kudos on some of my favorite forums and generated some viewers for Code6Charli.com. I am very grateful for his help and have received some wonderful feedback.  I am excited for this website to get some wheels and start really taking off!  Thanks to everyone who has checked out the website so far!

Coming up, I will be reviewing two more fantastic knives: my new Chris Reeves Small Sebenza and my Böker Plus pocket knife.  You won’t want to miss these reviews.  Particularly the Böker, which next to my CRKT minimalist knife, I use alsmost daily and is nice and small for my jeans pocket.

I also received a suggestion to post some pics of my Galco, in the pants holster.  I will also add those pics and will also add pics of me with my gear in the future.  Unfortunately, due to my current assignment, I need to avoid photos of my face, so sorry if my head is cut off ;)  

I hope you have enjoyed the reviews so far.  Please write me with comments and suggestions and ways to make Code6Charli.com a better site for gear reviews.

Be safe,

  1. admin says:


    Thank you so much for writing me and giving me positive feedback! Its truly amazing to find people like you who appreciate my site and of course, gear! I hope you’ll continue to follow the site and continue to give me feefback. In particular, id love to hear about things you would like to see in the future!

    Be safe out there!