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Cell phones have drastically changed the way criminals do business and detectives conduct investigations.  Tracfones are especially a thorn in our side and have really helped criminals evade law enforcement.  From my experience, Smartphones (such as Droids and Iphones), are becoming more and more prevalent.  Phonebooks are also obsolete nowadays which also prevents gaining intel.  Reverse phone number look-ups are next to impossible without paying for some phony online service that may not even pan out.  But now, there’s an application for Smartphones called Number Guru which can be downloaded for FREE.  If you’re not into downloading applications, you can still use the program at  The program is a reverse phone number look up tool.

Number Guru, when it works, is highly useful and informative.  It is, however, hit or miss.  In theory, an investigator can type in a phone number and within seconds, a name, city and phone company can be attributed to it.  I have tried several phone numbers which have not worked, however.  This is possibly because the phone number is attached to a Tracfone, the Achilles Heel of law enforcement.

When it does work, however, the application is a God sent.  It has certainly helped in identifying players in the crime.  I wish I could say it worked 100% of the time.  I do believe the application is worth downloading, if it even helps you find the name of one suspect your looking for, then I feel it was worth while, especially at the cost of $0.00.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!




Sanitizer that still keeps you smelling AWESOME!

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Each of these Anti-bacterial hand gels cost anywhere from $1 to $1.50, depending on how many you buy.  I usually have ten of my own spaced throughout my office, home and car.  They are awesome for several reasons.  First, I over did myself on the department issued sanitizer and I can only assimilate it with the smell of dealing with a transient.  Bath & BodyWorks has created hand sanitizers that have a refreshing smell that also stays with you for a long time while simultaneously killing all of the bacteria that we deal with on a daily basis.  Also, they are only 1 fl oz and if you buy several in several different flavors, you can store them in your work car, go bag, desk, and wherever else you might want to put one.

There are tons of really great scents to choose from and even ones for guys in which they don’t smell “girly”.  These little “PocketBacs” definitely get the job done in style.  They are so fantastic, my partner “Wolf2″ told me that I just had to blog about it.  Thanks for the advice Wolf2!

Just because you’re a cop, doesn’t mean you can’t smell awesome and be bacteria-free :-)

We all know that cops are underpaid.  We usually fall in the same category as firefighters and teachers, who deserve to be compensated for the hard work that is put into a daily work day.  Add the risk factors and possibility of being shot at and most citizens would say, “you couldn’t pay me enough.”  Particularly with cutbacks and layoffs, it’s clear that we aren’t paid enough.  But we don’t do it for the money, at least I don’t.  I do it for the love of the job.  Spoken from the heart in “Southland”, it’s a “front row seat to the greatest show on Earth.”

But with the money we earned, it’s hard for gear junkies like me to balance a strict budget.  I can’t afford an accountant and really can’t figure out my taxes or retirement.  This is why I want to introduce my fellow peace keepers to  It’s a free personal finance software that is easy to install and operate. If you don’t have a smart phone, it works great online.  If you do have a smart phone, the application is free and worth downloading.  Just search for MINT in the market on your cell phone.

It will automatically link all your accounts, including your retirement accounts, and automatically categorize your spending.  This allows you to see the grand picture.  You can set the parameters for what your goals are and what you want to limit your expenses to.  (I know that I frequent the 7-11 for sunflower seeds far too often, and the spending adds up!)  It will even send you automatic text messages when your budget has been exceeded.

Sign up for free, it can only help you with your budgeting.  I promise you its worthwhile and helpful.  You’ll actually see some money in your pocket with this free assistant.



When I first hired on, one of my biggest concerns was getting a puncture from an uncapped needle and having to suffer the agonizing months thereafter for medical tests.  Myself and several colleagues went to the nearest police uniform store and each bought a pair of the Hatch Puncture-Resistant Gloves.  Sadly, I was rather disappointed and thought the gloves themselves were actually more dangerous, than helpful.










First, as one would expect for a puncture proof glove, the fingertips are reinforced for extra protection.  This makes it incredibly difficult to determine what items are weapons, and which items are not, during a Terry Frisk.  My personal opinion is that while I’m squeezing the outside of a pocket, I prefer to have an idea of what the item is before putting my hand in the pocket to retrieve the item.  I don’t like surprises when I’m searching a suspect and prefer to gain as much knowledge as possible prior to putting my hand in dark places that I cannot see.

Second, it has taken an incredibly long time to break these gloves in.  In fact, they never have broken in.  Ideally, I want a glove that is comfortable the second I put it on.  No matter how much I wear the glove and put a little wear and tear on it, the glove is still stiff.   There really is truth to the expression, “Liiiike a glove!”

Third, the gloves serve no protection against the elements.  During the winter months or rainy weather, I mind as well have no gloves at all.  The extra protection around the fingertips seemed to actually trap the cold air inside.  Not only could I not feel items in a suspects pocket, but additionally, my fingertips were numb.  In the event I had to shoot a firearm with the reinforced fingertips AND the freezing cold on top of that, the suspect wouldn’t have much to fear.

Fourth, they are simply uncomfortable with seams in all the wrong places.  This glove feels so far from natural, that I actually felt safer bare handed.  After all, this is only my opinion, but for $44.99 a pair, I would prefer to save my money.  If anyone wants a pair, be the first to write me and I’ll send them to you for free!  Actually, on second thought, I wouldn’t want you wearing such a dangerous pair of gloves…I think they’ll go in the recycle bin.

Please share your comments on these gloves if you have a pair, I could use a little enlightening!


Be safe!


Thumbs Up for Under Armour Search Gloves!

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When I first hired on the department, I went out and purchased some Hatch ArmorTip Puncture Resistant gloves.  Like any officers in the field, the threat of being stuck by a needle is one of the scariest thoughts out there.  After finally finding a small enough pair to fit my hands, I realized that the trait of being puncture resistant actually proved to be more dangerous than a thinner pair of gloves that weren’t puncture resistant.  During searches, I found it incredibly difficult to get into pockets and once in the pocket (or from the outside of the pocket), I couldn’t detect whether something was a chap stick tube or a crack pipe, a money clip or a folding knife.  The gloves were just too bulky and tactility went out the window.  Aside from the fact that searching became dangerous, I couldn’t even imagine trying to shoot with the gloves if the situation arose.

When I first hired on, my Field Training Officer (FTO) at the time recommended to me batting gloves.  I found the Under Armour Youth Clean-Up III Batting Glove.  I purchased a size YLG (Youth Large) and in the color black.  The gloves work great for conducting searches and are very easy to shoot with.  In fact, they are intended as batting gloves and provide a great grip on a bat.  I find the grip just as suitable for my firearm.  They are thin enough to feel items during searches and I’m able to ascertain what the object actually is.  In terms of protection from needle punctures, they don’t provide protection at all. 

They are also porous on the palm side which means protection is compromised in instances of blood or bodily fluids.  They also aren’t warm at all during the winter, so I would recommend them for the warmer seasons only.

These gloves are also incredibly easy to get on and off.  They hug the fingers comfortably and are tight-fitting, however not so tight-fighting that you have to use your teeth to pull them off (that’s just gross after dealing with transients).  They have a velcro strap along the wrist to secure them in place.  The palm is two-piece genuine leather which adds to the glove’s durability.  I do find I have to replace them twice a year due to wear and tear.  There really is no break-in period since they are comfortable right away.  They have also never shrunk due to rain or weather conditions.   They are cost efficient running at about $14.99 at most sporting goods places.  On average, I spend $30 a year on these gloves.

Also, after dealing with transients, they are easy to clean.  I normally just throw some hand sanitizer in the palms and rub them together to at least give me the sense that they are clean.  The sanitizer stiffens the glove up a bit, but nothing uncomfortable to deal with.

Overall, I think this glove is a great all purpose glove.  I find that being able to shoot with a glove that still provides a level of protection is what’s most important to me.  For the price, if one falls out of your back pocket (which they inevitably do), it doesn’t hurt the bank too much to buy another pair.

Best of luck!


About a year and a half ago, I purchased a 5.11 Women’s Tactical Pant to wear for training activities such as Defensive Tactics and days at the range.  It was one of those days when I thought that everything I tried on looked good, until weeks later, when I finally wore them, I realized that they were a fashion faux-pas.  I bought a size 10 because the waist on the 8 was too small and the legs weren’t long enough.  They cost between $38 and $60 depending on where you buy them.  I still haven’t found a good pair to replace them with and I’m hoping for some input from readers from this site.  Here’s what I don’t like about the pants:

Wrinkle-Free?  No, not at all.  I really shouldn’t have to iron my range pants.

Breathable?  No, they are 100% cotton which is also why they aren’t wrinkle free.  Good for cooler days, but terrible for the Utah summers.

Form fitting?  Absolute NOT.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them.  The legs are tapered and they look more like “Hammer pants” than they do like tactical, “I can kick ass” pants.  I actually tried to cut the cuffs a little to provide a little room over my boots.  You can see this in the photos below.  It didn’t help.

The crotch is incredibly baggy and has enough room for a Desert Eagle and about 1000 rounds of ammo (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but the crotch is way too baggy).

Flexibility?  Even though I purchased a size bigger than usual, I feel that I am not very flexible in these pants and that they are very restricting and baggy in all the wrong places.

What do I like?  Not a whole lot.  The pockets are pretty nice, even though I still don’t think they are as convenient as they could be.  They are warm in the winter and they come in several colors.  But that’s about the only positive thing I can think of.

Please see the photos below for how the pants look.  I just hate the high waist, tapered bottoms and baggy crotch.  There’s gotta be a better solution.

Waist down view of the pants on me.

Rear view of the pants

I even tried to widen the bottom by cutting them a bit. Still didn't help.

It didn't matter which size I tried, they were all tapered.

Back at ‘em!

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Well, this past week has been a very busy one!  My family was in town for over a week and has returned to their home-state.  It was wonderful having them, however it prevented me from making any posts on  While my dad was here, he brought with him his newly purchased Kel-Tec PF-9 and I got to put my paws on it for a bit but never had the chance to fire any rounds.  So far, I do like the feel.  I’m excited to make a purchase!

It was also suggested to me on GlockTalk forum to put my sizes on the site.  I have added those to the “About Me” section for anyone curious.

Future reviews include the Chris Reeves Sebenza Folding Knife, Women’s 5.11 Tactical Pants, gloves for searching in the field and Asp handcuffs.

Be safe!


As requested, here are some pics of my G26 concealed in the pants.  This is a supplemental post to the original post on January 8th titled “Galco Concealed Carry Holster”.  I love carrying this firearm and really have no trouble concealing it.  90% of the time, I carry in the waist and also carry another back-up on my ankle (don’t forget extra mags of course)!  I think most guys would be shocked if they realized how much heat I really pack ;)   In the near future, I will be purchasing the Kel-Tec PF-9.  My primary reason for doing this is to pack a firearm, concealed, that is a little easier if I want to go out for a nice evening or wear something a little more femine (shorts, tighter pants, etc).  Once purchased, a review will follow shortly after!  Let me know what you think and I hope the pics work out for you!  Thanks again to all the fantastic people who have been checking out the site and giving me feedback!  You are fantastic!

Can you see it? Only a little, but only if you're really looking for it!

It's there!

A view of it exposed

Stoke her with Böker!

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The Dark Knight surprised me, yet again, with another one of my new favorite EDC knives (I am a lucky girl).  This is the Boker Plus Subcom Titan, designed by Chad Los Banos (CLB).  The one shown in the pictures is mine and is all titanium, a special edition to show appreciation to CLB.  It looks well worn already, probably because I’ve been carrying it every day and using it often.  I love this knife! 

I had been looking for a versatile pocket knife that didn’t take up all the space in my jeans pockets and this little guy is perfect.  It shouldn’t be underestimated, however, the steel is sharp and is 440C, definitely presentable.  I like the fact that it’s slim and doesn’t leave an unnecessary bulge in my pant pocket (*insert joke here).  It opens and closes flawlessly, even one handed.  The clip is reversible, which allows for point up or down carry.  The locking mechanism is a frame-lock, of which I’m definitely a fan.

At first glance, you may think it looks uncomfortable to hold, but it’s truly not.  It’s actually real comfortable and fits in both small and medium size hands without issue.  Plus, this knife is very reasonably priced, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

This is a great gift and works as an awesome money clip.  Also perfect for females wearing tighter jeans with smaller pockets.  If you can’t get your paws on the Titan, check the Subcom F.  This is an exceptional and unique everyday carry knife!


Blade length: 1 7/8”

Overall length: 4 1/2”

Weight: 2.3 oz.

Upcoming Reviews

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Thanks to the darkknight, he gave me some kudos on some of my favorite forums and generated some viewers for I am very grateful for his help and have received some wonderful feedback.  I am excited for this website to get some wheels and start really taking off!  Thanks to everyone who has checked out the website so far!

Coming up, I will be reviewing two more fantastic knives: my new Chris Reeves Small Sebenza and my Böker Plus pocket knife.  You won’t want to miss these reviews.  Particularly the Böker, which next to my CRKT minimalist knife, I use alsmost daily and is nice and small for my jeans pocket.

I also received a suggestion to post some pics of my Galco, in the pants holster.  I will also add those pics and will also add pics of me with my gear in the future.  Unfortunately, due to my current assignment, I need to avoid photos of my face, so sorry if my head is cut off ;)  

I hope you have enjoyed the reviews so far.  Please write me with comments and suggestions and ways to make a better site for gear reviews.

Be safe,